Let's work together. 

Our partners

If you are a current supplier, we are happy to have you as a partner, we value you as an important part of our team.

If you are looking to do business with us for the first time, here our rules of the road: 

  • The Golden Rule. We build our relationships with our customers and suppliers based upon honesty and mutual respect.

  • Quality. Our customers expect the very best from us and we will expect the same from you.

  • Delivery. Many of our customers have their products placed with us on Kanban scheduled releases. We may ask the same of you. In this environment on time delivery is paramount.

  • Price. We understand that you must make a fair profit to stay in business. We will not ask anything of you that we do not demand of ourselves. We actively solicit your input to both contain and reduce costs.

  • Communication. Things happen! We expect any news with respect to product quality or the status of the orders we have placed with you to be communicated at the earliest possible date. Our promise to you, is to work with you and do everything we can to resolve the issue as promptly as possible.



Terms & Conditions: