A trusted precision metal fabricator since 1949.

Anchor Fabricators is a family-owned full service precision metals fabricator offering design, production, and assembly services. Located in Clayton, OH, we are proud to keep quality manufacturing in the United States working in the heart of the Midwest. We offer more than 50 years of experience, supplying high level customers in a wide variety of industries including, food equipment, aerospace, appliance, pharmaceutical, medical, and government. 


After returning from World War II, brother-in-laws, Arnold Saldoff and Bill Semmelman, went to work for Abe Semmelman in the family scrap metal business. One day while looking for used equipment and scrap metal to buy, Arnold, walked into a garage called Anchor Metal Spinning where the owner jokingly asked if he wanted to buy the place. Never afraid of hard work the brother-in-laws bought the business for $400 in September 1949.

Some of the first products manufactured by Arnold and Bill were popcorn poppers, aluminum pie pans, lights that sat on the tops of the televisions.


Growing the business, they moved out of the original garage and into the Davis Linden building, and then to 46 Fluhart. At the time the business was manufacturing sonobuoys for the Navy, but the paint they needed to use was highly flammable. After the third fire in that location, the fire department politely suggested moving to a different building.


In 1959, Arnold and Bill, moved the sonobuoy business to Talmadge Rd and changed the name to Anchor Fabricators to signal the change that they added fabricating in addition to their spinning capabilities.


From 1961 – 1964 they built several additional buildings to hold the entire business and it has been located at this location ever since.


The business is still owned by the Saldoff and Semmelman families, and Arnold’s son, Tom, handles the daily operations. 

our mission

Our mission has remained virtually unchanged since we were established in 1949, because good business is just good business no matter the year.

the mission

  • Provide the highest quality, value and service to our customers. 
  • Show integrity in all situations.
  • Be a trusted partner
  • Achieve continuous improvment


Anchor Fabricators - Current Facility

Anchor Fabricators - Current Facility